What does a subscription buy exactly?

Please view the Pricing page.

What do you mean by "live version" and "install version"?

Webconverger can be used currently in two ways:

  1. The install version is when Webconverger is installed to the read/write capable hard drive or USB stick.

  2. The live version (the default) boots from an ISO-hybrid image (from a CD or USB stick) without touching your existing disk drives. This has advantages like being easy to try and deploy, simple strong security since it is read only. However as it is read only, it cannot be automatically upgraded.

How do I configure Webconverger?

Webconverger should by default boot into a configuration and subscription form. The the setup flow is described in a video. If not, go to about: and click on the Webconverger logo to proceed to the configuration form.

You can test API settings non-persistently by follow the testing guide.

Organisations will be able administer their machines through a control panel.

How do I update my settings once I've bought a subscription?

With our configuration panel. The URL is:


How do I reset or recover my lost password?

Please use the lost password service to reset your password via email.

If there is an issue with the automated process, please tell us!

How do I change my password?

Knowing your identity (usually an email address), navigate to https://config.webconverger.com/password/IDENTITY

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can remove the machine from your configuration panel, by just removing the machine identity and submitting the form.

If in doubt, please contact sales.

What happens once my subscription expires or runs out?

If your subscription expires, it is treated in the same way as if you cancelled.

Your configuration will be reset to http://ex.webconverger.com, however we do keep a backup of your configuration in order to be able to get you back up and running promptly once you make payment.

How can I trial or evaluate Webconverger?

Just by booting Webconverger, you will be given an option to create a 30 day trial configuration.

What payment methods do you offer?

We can accept Paypal and bank transfer payments.

We support all major debit/credit cards via Paypal/Stripe.

Details are provided in our invoice.

How do I customise the boot up screen?

Webconverger's configuration service does not allow you to change the boot menu or progress bar. Arguably Webconverger users (members of the public) should not see Webconverger boot up. However once booted into you can set the background graphic users see between sessions.

Could I get VNC, Java, libreoffice, SSH, proprietary driver, browser plugin and the kitchen sink with that?

Sorry, we do not offer these sorts of customisations since we are keen to maintain one "lean" commercial version.

First please study all the options in our API. Then please email us asking for extra features.

If you subscribe you will get new features as they become available, without extra charge.

Does Webconverger support touch screens?

If you need a touch screen with a virtual keyboard: We have a beta Android >=5.0 port.

For PC touch screens, we can support EETI eGalax Inc. USB TouchController based devices. Please get in contact and view our touch screen guide. This is usually deployed in a point of sales use case.

How do I configure my wireless connection?

We cannot support saved wireless configurations on the read-only "Live version" since the settings are retrieved from the cloud which needs an internet connection.

On the install version, we can configure wireless by following a video using these steps:

  1. Install Webconverger, reboot
  2. Ensure Webconverger is connected to a wired internet connection, and subscribe with your wireless settings in the advanced section of the form
  3. Reboot with your wired connection still connected so that it can save the configuration to disk
  4. Disconnect from the wired connection and reboot again to check the wireless settings are indeed applied

For a large deployment, we might able to build you a special ISO with your wireless settings preset. Please just ask.

What are the upgrade paths?

If you install Webconverger to your hard disk, then you don't need to worry. Webconverger automatically stays upto date! You can confirm this by visiting about: in the URL bar and matching the abbreviated hash with the revisions on github.

If you choose not to upgrade or to fix upon a certain version, this can be accommodated with our upgrade API.

The Live version however cannot be upgraded automatically. You need to download the latest Webconverger and re-image the ISO upon your CDs or USB sticks.

Using the configuration service means that your settings are seamlessly applied no matter which version of Webconverger you install, which is very powerful and convenient.

How do I get the version number from a running instance?

Visit about: in the URL bar.

Alternatively, you can use the homepage expansion WEBCVERSION. For example:


Do please cross reference your running version with our commit log. You should be running the latest version.

How do I identify my machine(s)?

By default when you boot an unconfigured Webconverger, a screen will clearly show the machine identity. A machine identity is a case sensitive string of your hardware's UUID and your network interface's MAC address.

Or visit about: in the URL bar and by clicking the Webconverger logo, should take you to a configuration page.

You can use a homepage keyword expansion as described upon the API page. For example:


My changes on the control panel have not been applied, why?

Webconverger only applies the changes on boot once fetching your new configuration, e.g. https://config.webconverger.com/clients/install-config/[MACHINE IDENTITY]. So please reboot the machine for it take on new changes.

Ensure your network or proxy is not blocking access to config.webconverger.com. You can tell if a configuration is being downloaded by using the support service. Simply append your machine identity to http://support.webconverger.com, for example to see a log of when it was last fetched.

Webconverger does not need reliable access to https://config.webconverger.com if you are using the install version, since the configuration would be cached. So your deployment will be resilient if for some reason or another config.webconverger.com is unreachable.

How should I setup my firewall for Webconverger?

Firstly Webconverger has an in built Firewall, so it does not need one. Nonetheless on an existing network you must please allow access to https://config.webconverger.com.

You should also allow access to https://github.com/Webconverger/webc.git for upgrading to work.

Furthermore, the NTP port need to be open to keep your computer's time accurate.

Could I have a customised ISO with my configuration preset?

Yes, please ask. We usually only do this for larger orders.

It's now just as fast to click the new "Add machine identity ... to existing configuration panel" link on the default bootup homepage of Webconverger, to associate a machine with your control panel.

What is the benefit of an ongoing subscription over a "One Off" subscription purchase?

With an ongoing subscription, you are allowed to transfer your subscriptions between machines.

However if you purchase a "One Off" subscription for a machine, it's non-transferable to another PC as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.

The One off subscription is Webconverger's unique selling point compared to our competitors, which customers asked for. Many customers don't want the administrative headache of a recurring payment. Furthermore we pledge to maintain your PC with a "One off subscription" forever. No end of support nightmares here!

If you are unsure whether to take out an ongoing subscription or a one off subscription, the advice is; do you think your hardware will last longer than two years? Then you are better off with a lifetime subscription.

Connection untrusted and my configuration does not work

If you look for the details of the error, you will likely see a "Certificate is not currently valid." error. The most likely cause of this is your computer's time is incorrect. Perhaps the onboard battery needs replacing?

Webconverger attempts to correct your computer's time with NTP, however if UDP port 123 is blocked, you need to tell your Firewall administrator to please unblock it!

Could you please fill in the attached W-9 form?

Webconverger is not based in the US. The W9 is only for US persons, so it's not applicable for our transaction.