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Getting you on the Web sanely for OVER TEN YEARS
THOUSANDS of PCs boot Webconverger every month helping users access the Web!

Webconverger Features

Protects Your Privacy

No user-tracking! Our privacy policy and hardened product aims to be the best at keeping users surfing sessions private/incognito

Turnkey and locked down

Fast hassle free deployment. Default interface is limited to just the Web or a single Web application


One to many machines can be mapped and easily managed, for example change a homepage for 100s of terminals from our configuration tool

Entirely Evergreen

Automatically updated browser & system for the best Web standard support and highest security. We plan to support your machines indefinitely into the future

We are Opensource

Webconverger is an open source project, where every change is transparent, has integrity and licensed liberally.
Furthermore we adopt open standards and minimise lock-in

Friendly Support

Free version and friendly commercial support with one off pricing options

As seen in

com professional
Linux User & Developer
Linux Magazin
Linux Format
PC Professionale
PC Welt

How to boot Webconverger

3. Boot and configure

Boot, configure and reboot for changes to be applied

What have our clients said about us?

In a church centre
On a street
As a Point of Sales terminal
For factory employees
For a timetable sign
For a tourist centre

Great product! I can't express how much time this has saved me

I would put hand on heart and say that Webconverger is the most secure Kiosk on Linux.

Paul Craig, author of iKat

Webconverger works flawlessly and has saved us a ton of time in setup and support compared to other kiosk solutions we have used.

If you need a no-drama kiosk you can't screw up, use Webconverger. DO NOT ROLL YOUR OWN KIOSK.

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